Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol & Isabelle Stoffel

Una muerte de la que nadie habla

Mexico  / Switzerland

«Have you ever asked yourself what this landscape will look like in two hundred years? Will there still be a lake or will it have dried up? What would life be like in this city without a lake or rivers?» This is how the audio-walk «Una muerte de la que nadie habla» (A death that no one talks about) starts. Then the boat casts off. Boat? Yes, the audio walk, developed by the Mexican company together with Isabelle Stoffel, leads you partly over water. Equipped with headsets, the listeners travel with the scheduled boat from Bürkliplatz to Wollishofen while listening to a semi-fictional crime story on the topic of water, which makes a surprising connection between an eroded landscape in the South of Mexico and the basin of Lake Zurich.

The Mexican-Swiss collaboration took place on Zoom, as have most of the creative, international co-operations in the past months. The artists have never met. Not even Luisa Pardo and Lázaro Gabino Rodríguez, who founded the theatre company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol in 2003 and who both live in Mexico. Since the lockdown, they have only met on video: He lives in Mexico City, she lives in a remote village in South Mexico. Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol were scheduled to present their latest production at the 2020 festival. But, as we know, things have turned out differently. For their multi-media productions, the winners of the ZKB Patronage Prize 2011 for «El Rumor del Incendio», research at the frontiers between artistic work and everyday life and give a voice to the forgotten moments of history.

Their production for this year’s festival was only possible with a person in situ familiar with local conditions in Zurich. The Swiss actress and director Isabelle Stoffel, who has worked for several years in Spain, turned out to be the perfect partner. Together with the theatre collective Recycled Illusion she has successfully realised a series of site-specific audio walks in the past, most recently the audio walk «Kreis 5» in Zurich. The result of this transcontinental collaboration? Listen for yourself. (ll)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept & RealisationLagartijas Tiradas al Sol und Isabelle Stoffel
TextLuisa Pardo und Lázaro Gabino Rodríguez (Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol)
Übersetzung ins DeutscheLea Loeb
StimmeMariana Villegas (Spanisch), Isabelle Stoffel (Deutsch)
TonaufnahmenMartina Saalfrank
Dramaturgische UnterstützungZürcher Theater Spektakel 


KoproduktionZürcher Theater Spektakel
Herzlichen Dank anEva Maria Burri, Tim Simmen, Eva Conde
BildLagartijas Tiradas al Sol

Scheduled Boat from Bürkliplatz

Audio walk

Commissioned work, co-production, premiere


about 40 mins.


German or Spanish

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

Audio file

You can download the audio walk here:

  • German version (link no longer active)
  • Spanish version (link no longer active)

Please download the audio walk beforehand (in case your device allows to do so). The audio walk is made to be listened to on the boat from Bürkliplatz to Wollishofen; please use the file exclusively on this route.

Please note

Boat ticket Bürkliplatz-Wollishofen at one#39;s own expense.
Disembark in Wollishofen.
Please bring your own device (smartphone, iPad) and headset.

Protective measure 

Masks mandatory in public transport.



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