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Die Insel des kommenden Tages


For children and families

Who could ever have imagined that schools would be open one day and close the next?  That grandparents could only wave to their grandchildren from their balconies? That health would be more important than money? Nobody! The Fundus Theater from Hamburg invites children as experts of imagination to investigate what corona means for our future. The Saffa Island plays the main part in this project especially devised for the Theater Spektakel. This little island in the Lake of Zurich becomes a utopian place for unicorns, children wearing distance-costumes and the exploration of the improbable and the possible.

«Die Insel des kommenden Tages» is a laboratory of the future where only children are admitted. They take part in this piece about the future, the outcome of which is uncertain. Together with the specialists of Fundus Theater, the kids go on an expedition into the future to find out what’s going on there. Fundus Theater is not only a theatre for children, but also a prize-winning research theatre. Its head, Sybille Peters, is both an artist and a scientist who has dedicated herself for many years to academics as well as to applied scenic art in research between childhood, art and science. She is convinced that research should not only be reserved to scientists but to all of humanity. 

On «The Island of the Coming Day», the unicorn clock is accelerating time. The children are instructed in unicorn history and futurology. They dance themselves into a trance with the cloud dance in order to strengthen their prophetic powers. They bake snake bread over the fire and discuss what will vanish and what will stay and how the future might taste and smell. And when the time has come, two little prophets at a time climb the tower on the island and herald their prophecies for Zurich and the world to the audience gathered at the shore. (kdi)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept & RegieSibylle Peters
PerformanceMoritz Frischkorn, Hannah Kowalski, Bakary Trawally
SounddesignLouise Vind Nielsen 


ProduktionFundus Theater / Theatre of Research
KoproduktionZürcher Theater Spektakel
Bild© Fundus Theater


Partcipative performance for children

Co-production, premiere


1:30 hrs.




7 to 12 years

Please note

Adults not admitted



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